Restorative Dentistry in Old Bridge, NJ

Restorative Dentistry

Transforming Smiles, Transforming Lives

Are you embarrassed to smile fully? Do gaps between teeth make you self-conscious? Have stains or unsightly repairs left your smile looking unnatural? A smile is an incredibly valuable asset for self-confidence and connection with others. Yet when it’s compromised, it can negatively impact life enjoyment. 

At Midjersey Smiles, we understand how critically important your smile is to fully enjoy life. We also understand the pain of smile imperfections and how they diminish self-assurance. That’s why restoring smiles is our passion. With advanced restorative solutions personalized to your unique situation, we can collaboratively transform your smile to regain confidence and joy. to learn more about our restorative dentistry services,

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Our Restorative Dentistry Services


Restorative treatments like dental bridges offered by Dr. Anand at Midjersey Smiles in Old Bridge, NJ, can restore your smile. Dental bridges bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two crowns placed on the teeth on either side of the gap, with a false tooth/teeth in between. Dr. Anand uses high-quality materials to create bridges that are natural-looking and very strong. With proper care, bridges from Midjersey Smiles can last five to 15 years.

Bridges not only fill in spaces from missing teeth, but they also prevent the remaining teeth from rotating or shifting into the open spaces. This helps you regain your ability to chew and speak properly. With Dr. Anand’s expertise in restorative work, the bridges made at Midjersey Smiles are beautifully designed to optimally restore form and function.


In addition to bridges, Dr. Anand provides dental crowns to patients needing restoration of severely damaged or decayed teeth. Crowns offered by Midjersey Smiles fully encase the visible portion of the tooth with a custom-made cap. The crown protects and strengthens the remaining tooth structure, which may be weak due to decay or prior restorations.

Crafted from strong, durable ceramics designed to mimic the natural color of your teeth, crowns by Dr. Anand not only restore form and function but also create an extremely natural-looking smile. While saving severely compromised teeth, Dr. Anand can transform unsightly ones into gorgeous work-of-art crowns with her attention to aesthetics and precision.


For Old Bridge, NJ, patients who have lost all of their natural teeth, Midjersey Smiles offers both partial and complete dentures. Custom-designed to comfortably fit your mouth and made to match the natural color of your gums, dentures by Dr. Anand can beautifully restore your smile so you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence again.

Midjersey Smiles provides personalized dentures crafted from strong, durable acrylics for a comfortable, seamless fit. With proper care, they can last five to 10 years. Dr. Anand takes great care with creating natural-looking dentures so you can smile brightly again.

Seamless Dental Restorations

If you suffer from missing, broken, decayed, or severely compromised teeth, Dr. Anand and her team at Midjersey Smiles feel your pain. We want to help restore your smile’s natural beauty and proper function. Our restorative dentistry treatments, like personalized bridges, lifelike crowns, and comfortable dentures, have transformed thousands of smiles in the Old Bridge, NJ area. With careful attention to your unique situation, seamless collaboration, and cutting-edge technology, we treat every patient like our own family. 

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