Cosmetic Dentistryin Old Bridge, NJ

cosmetic dentistry in Old Bridge, NJ

Your Smile Deserves Personalized Care

For many, an imperfect smile causes embarrassment and prevents them from fully sharing themselves with the world. If you hide your smile because of crooked, stained, or damaged teeth, the team at Midjersey Smiles in Old Bridge, NJ is here to help. Our entire practice is devoted to helping patients smile brightly again through advanced cosmetic and general dentistry treatments. 

With Dr. Ruma Anand, you can achieve the smile you’ve always imagined—one that radiates confidence and happiness from within. Call our Old Bridge office at (732) 727-0895 to schedule an appointment.

Our Cosmetic Dental Services


Lumineers are ultra-thin dental veneers placed over existing teeth to improve their appearance. Dr. Anand frequently uses Lumineers to give patients a naturally beautiful smile. Lumineers are made from ceramic and are strong, durable, and customized for each patient to look and feel like natural teeth. 


Lumineers can fix chips, gaps, stains, and uneven teeth. The procedure to place Lumineers is fast and painless, and patients love how Lumineers at Midjersey Smiles can transform their smiles without excessive tooth reduction.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are another great option for patients wanting to improve the look of their smile. Dr. Anand offers custom porcelain veneers to correct imperfections and create stunning smiles. Unlike Lumineers, traditional porcelain veneers require some removal of tooth enamel. Patients choosing porcelain veneers with Dr. Anand benefit from a smile makeover with truly life-like results. 


Invisalign clear aligners are a popular and effective alternative to traditional braces. Dr. Anand is an Elite Invisalign provider with extensive experience. Invisalign works by gradually shifting the teeth into proper alignment over several months. Simply wear the clear aligners for around 22 hours per day, removing them for eating and brushing, and watch your smile transform! Dr. Anand monitors the progress closely and replaces the aligners with a new set every one to two weeks for seamless treatment. 

Teeth Whitening

Discolored, stained teeth can be brightened dramatically with professional teeth whitening. Dr. Ruma Anand at Midjersey Smiles in Old Bridge, NJ, offers an advanced tray whitening system that can lighten teeth by up to eight shades. These custom-fitted trays are filled with a powerful bleaching gel containing higher concentrations of peroxide than over-the-counter kits. 


Patients wear the trays for a few hours per day at home over two to four weeks, and teeth become whiter from the removal of deep stains and discoloration. Dr. Anand also offers in-office whitening for even faster results. 

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a quick, affordable way to fix chips, cracks, gaps, stains, and other imperfections. Dr. Anand often uses bonding to reshape and repair teeth in a single appointment. Bonding is seamlessly blended with surrounding enamel for a natural look. It can also be used to close small gaps between front teeth or improve the length and shape of teeth. 

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are restorative solutions for teeth that are damaged but not severely decayed. Dr. Anand offers porcelain or composite resin inlays and onlays to repair teeth while preserving healthy tooth structure. Inlays fill cavities within the biting surface of a tooth, while onlays cover and cap damaged teeth. Inlays and onlays look natural while providing reinforced structure, patients benefit from enhanced appearance and restored chewing ability.

Discover the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Are you embarrassed to show your smile because of stains, chips, gaps, or crooked teeth? At Midjersey Smiles in Old Bridge, we believe everyone deserves to have a healthy, beautiful smile they can share with confidence. With leading-edge treatments like tooth veneers, whitening, Invisalign, and bonding, we can help you transform your smile and boost your self-esteem. 

Don’t hide your smile any longer! Call (732) 727-0895 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruma Anand at our convenient Old Bridge, NJ office near Matawan, Middletown, and Hazlet. Our caring dental team is committed to helping you love your smile again!