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Achieve Healthier Smiles Together

Your smile is central to much more than looking your best — it’s fundamental to your well-being. Yet we know life can get hectic, making oral care a source of stress instead of health. At Midjersey Smiles, we aim to change that perception through thoughtful, personalized dentistry that addresses your real-life concerns. Dr. Ruma Anand considers your lifestyle, health history, and goals to inform gentle solutions utilizing the latest advancements. 


Whether you require restorative treatments, preventive care, or a smile makeover, we partner with you to reveal the brightest, most confident smile possible — all in a judgment-free environment. With compassion as our guide and your satisfaction as the ultimate goal, let us curate an uplifting experience focused solely on you. Contact us today at (732) 727-0895 to discover the Midjersey Smiles difference.

Our Dental Services

Dental Hygiene

Proper dental hygiene is the key to preventing oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Dr. Anand and her highly-trained hygienists perform professional cleanings and exams to remove tartar, plaque, and stains from teeth. This includes techniques like scaling and polishing. Patients are guided on proper brushing and flossing techniques to practice at home between dental visits at Midjersey Smiles in Old Bridge. 

Root Canal

Root canals are necessary when tooth decay reaches the pulp inside. Dr. Anand relies on advanced tools and methods to painlessly remove infected or dead pulp tissue in teeth. This intricate procedure protects the tooth from extraction. With an exceptionally high root canal success rate, patients experience comfortable and quick root canal treatments at Midjersey Smiles. The practice is located conveniently in Old Bridge, allowing residents to obtain superb root canal therapy close to home. This helps restore teeth to full function.

Pediatric Dentistry

Caring for little smiles begins with Dr. Anand’s pediatric expertise. Midjersey Smiles provides an array of children’s dentistry services in a kid-friendly environment in Old Bridge. Treatments are tailored to tiny teeth with a focus on prevention. From baby teeth cleanings to sealants for emerging molars, Dr. Anand helps foster positive oral care habits. For apprehensive children, various sedation options are available for procedures requiring more extensive dental work. The result is healthy smiles protected well into adulthood.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants provide an extra layer of defense against decay-causing bacteria. This micro-thin coating is painted onto the chewing surfaces of back teeth, protecting vulnerable pits and grooves. Sealants are durable, allowing Dr. Anand to shield teeth from damage for extended periods, often for several years before needing to be reapplied. With dental sealants from Midjersey Smiles in Old Bridge, patients benefit from an added preventive treatment to remain cavity-free.

Gum Disease Treatment

Ignoring bleeding and inflamed gums can have severe consequences like chronic infection and tooth loss. Midjersey Smiles provides personalized gum disease therapy for patients exhibiting symptoms in Old Bridge. This starts with a comprehensive exam by Dr. Anand to assess gum health and determine appropriate ways to treat receding, puffy, or bleeding gums. She may prescribe deep cleanings and antibiotic use. Ongoing gum care helps stabilize infection and bone loss when gum disease is caught early on.

Night Guards

Clenching and grinding can fracture teeth, worsen TMJ pain, and cause debilitating headaches. If you’re in Old Bridge and facing these issues, Midjersey Smiles has a solution. Our custom-fitted night guards are designed to tackle teeth grinding while you sleep. These durable mouthpieces act as a cushion for your jaws, preventing forceful biting motions. With softened impact, rest is uninterrupted, and teeth remain protected. Night guards crafted by Dr. Anand offer relief to those suffering from symptoms of bruxism and related TMD disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smile With Confidence Under Our Care

Your smile leaves an impression, yet many neglect this vital aspect of health. At Midjersey Smiles, we recognize the connections between oral well-being, confidence, and overall wellness. That’s why we offer judgment-free comprehensive dentistry to Old Bridge residents as well as neighboring towns like Sayreville, South Amboy, and Laurence Harbor. 

Whether you need a routine cleaning, cosmetic consultation, or complex oral surgery, we provide thoughtful care in a peaceful setting. Our experienced team keeps up with advanced technologies to detect issues early and craft minimally invasive solutions. Don’t wait until you experience discomfort or embarrassment. Contact us today at (732) 727-0895 and invest in your brightest, healthiest smile.